Exsim MDR

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Here we have our latest simulation product - the Exsim MDR. A fully modular simulator based on the same precision ergonomics of our KRT simulator range, but built from aluminium extrusion sections that can be changed and re-set to refine the layout of your simulator over the years.

This simulator package comes pre-built and configured for a Bambino seating position. The seat position, wheel and pedal layout matches the driving position of our custom KRT Junior system but in a much more affordable package.

This system is pre-configured for ages 5-9 - but of course, the position of everything can be adjusted once you have the rig at home!

This MDR package also comes with Fanatec's fantastic CSL Elite wheel and pedal system. This means you can upgrade your wheel and pedal options as you grow with the simulator while retaining the compatibility and ease of use the Fanatec are reknowned for.

There's no better way to get started with sim racing than by picking up an Exsim MDR package.

We are currently developing the full range of MDR products and accessories to allow you to customise your MDR simulator with a whole range of sim products, and to fit anyone from Bambino to Adult - all using the same base platform! Keep your eyes on this page - or sign up for the mailing list - to keep informed about new products in this range. 

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